Article in is a new blogging initiative that allows its users to run state-of-the-art blogs with tiny difference: their URLs read like complete sentences or slogans.

The first jingling domain launched by is '!' where one can open blogs 'Your Name, of Course', 'Your Place, of Course' or 'Your Passion, of Course' with the corresponding web-addresses,, and

Research shows that internet users are more inclined to click on such jingling links, first just for curiosity, of course. Then more people return to the sites, as these addresses stick in their minds.

The team at believes that people blog because they want to make an impact on the environment and peers. Putting a noticeable web address in the email footers puts bloggers one head above the rest of the blogosphere.

If you want your blog to be remembered, picking a web address that provides insight into who you are or what you love is key, of course. This jingling domain will allow you to stand out and be easily remembered.


Short link:$4L

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